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The NILS Red Books

For over 50 years, The NILS Red Books have been the industry's premier print source of information on state insurance laws and regulations. Today, it remains the only complete collection of insurance laws and regulations available in print - covering all 50 states, plus Federal, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The NILS Red Books Service delivers the full range of regulatory information that America's insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers need to comply and compete.

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Insurance Laws

The Insurance Laws contain the state’s insurance title or chapter. They are typically revised
once a year. The revision incorporates all of the changes from a legislative session into the book. Occasionally, a state may have a special session that results in a second revision in a year for that book.

These laws establish the framework for the regulation of an insurance business. Like all of our NILS Red Books, the Insurance Laws are thoroughly organized and uniquely indexed to enable you to find key concepts in the Insurance industry, rather than just key words. The Insurance Laws are updated annually with loose-leaf supplements and are a valuable tool for any insurance professional.