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AuthenticWeb™ Matrices

AuthenticWeb Matrices provide regulatory information in an easy-to-use 50-state chart format that can be deployed quickly throughout your organization. Reduce the amount of time your staff spends researching and maintaining regulatory requirements from days to minutes. Use of the Matrices improves compliance results because your entire operation is referencing the same current material.

Matrices are available covering a wide variety of compliance topics, including:

Property & Casualty Insurance Topics

Adverse Decision Notices Package

Forms Management Package

Workers' Compensation Package

Individual Matrices

Life & Health Insurance Topics

Policy Solicitation Package

Policy Replacements Matrix - Life, Long-Term Care
Outline of Coverage Matrix - Long-Term Care

AuthenticWeb Matrices are available through a variety of subscription options. To subscribe to AuthenticWeb Matrices, please contact customer care 800.481.1522 or via email at